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The Viking Way starts from the car park near the Humber Bridge in Barton-upon-Humber in Lincolnshire.

Humber Bridge Car Park
Humber Bridge Maja
Humber Bridge Toivo

The Humber

First the track follows the mighty Humber river and nearby fields, passing farms.

Humber Bridge before
Humber Bridge after
The Humber

We keep looking for the Viking signs, attached to fences and road signs.

Sign 2
We walk on bridleways and public rights of way through fields. Parts are still wet and some quite muddy at this time of the year.
White Bench
Black Bench
Somewhere we have missed a turn. Google Maps are quite useless in these tracks and neither the map nor the description in the Viking Way brochure offer clues where we are. Not to worry, we just need to follow the road in the general direction of Viking Way.
Tree Lined Road
Arriving in small country villages is always nice, but, instead of Barnetby le Wold, we end up in Elsham.  We are pleased with today's overall achievement and decide to return to Barton-upon-Humber by bus.  There is only one bus stop in the village and we stand next to it.  Then suddenly the bus arrives from the opposite direction but I manage to wave and the driver is kind enough to notice and picks us up, even though were were on the "wrong" side of the road.